ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter H

Haas' disease or osteochondrosis (juvenile) (head of humerus) , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, humerus.

Haff disease , See Poisoning, mercury.

Haglund's disease or osteochondrosis (juvenile) (os tibiale externum) , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tarsus.

Hair , See also condition

Hand , See condition.

Hansen's disease , See Leprosy.

Harelip (complete) (incomplete) , See Cleft, lip.

Harris' lines , See Arrest, epiphyseal.

Head , See condition.

Heart , See condition.

Heartburn ICD 10 Code is R12.

Heel , See condition.

Heloma ICD 10 Code is L84.

Hemangiolipoma , See Lipoma.

Hematogenous , See condition.

Hematoperitoneum , See Hemoperitoneum.

Hematopneumothorax (see Hemothorax)

Hematoporphyria , See Porphyria.

Hematothorax (see Hemothorax)

Hemicolitis, left , See Colitis, left sided.

Hemidystrophy , See Hemiatrophy.

Hemiparalysis , See Hemiplegia.

Hemiparesis , See Hemiplegia.

Hemolytic , See condition.

Hepatization lung (acute) , See Pneumonia, lobar.

Hereditary , See condition.

Heredodegeneration, macular , See Dystrophy, retina.

Heredosyphilis , See Syphilis, congenital.

Herpesvirus (human) , See Herpes.

Herrick's anemia , See Disease, sickle-cell.

Heterotropia , See Strabismus.

Hibernoma , See Lipoma.

Hidrocystoma , See Neoplasm, skin, benign.

Hilum , See condition.

Hip , See condition.

Hippus ICD 10 Code is H57.09.

HIV ICD 10 Code is B20.

Hives (bold) , See Urticaria.

Hobo ICD 10 Code is Z59.0.

Hodgkin disease , See Lymphoma, Hodgkin.

Hollenhorst's plaque , See Occlusion, artery, retina.

Homesickness , See Disorder, adjustment.

Homologous serum hepatitis (prophylactic) (therapeutic) , See Hepatitis, viral, type B.

Hospital hopper syndrome , See Disorder, factitious.

Hospitalism in children , See Disorder, adjustment.

Housemaid's knee , See Bursitis, prepatellar.

Hudson (-Stähli) line (cornea) , See Pigmentation, cornea, anterior.

Humpback (acquired) , See Kyphosis.

Hunchback (acquired) , See Kyphosis.

Hunger ICD 10 Code is T73.0.

Hutchinson-Boeck disease or syndrome , See Sarcoidosis.

Hydatidosis , See Echinococcus.

Hydradenoma , See Hidradenoma.

Hydrargyrism NEC , See Poisoning, mercury.

Hydrencephalocele (congenital) , See Encephalocele.

Hydrencephalomeningocele (congenital) , See Encephalocele.

Hydroa ICD 10 Code is R23.8.

Hydrocalycosis , See Hydronephrosis.

Hydrocystoma , See Neoplasm, skin, benign.

Hydroencephalocele (congenital) , See Encephalocele.

Hydroencephalomeningocele (congenital) , See Encephalocele.

Hydrohematopneumothorax , See Hemothorax.

Hydromeningitis , See Meningitis.

Hydromyelocele , See Spina bifida.

Hydropericarditis , See Pericarditis.

Hydropericardium , See Pericarditis.

Hydrophobia , See Rabies.

Hydropneumohemothorax , See Hemothorax.

Hydropneumopericarditis , See Pericarditis.

Hydropneumopericardium , See Pericarditis.

Hydrops ICD 10 Code is R60.9.

Hydroureteronephrosis , See Hydronephrosis.

Hymen , See condition.

Hyperazotemia , See Uremia.

Hypercholesterinemia , See Hypercholesterolemia.

Hypercorticosolism , See Cushing's, syndrome.

Hyperfibrinolysis , See Fibrinolysis.

Hyperopia , See Hypermetropia.

Hyperpiesis, hyperpiesia , See Hypertension.

Hyperpnea , See Hyperventilation.

Hypersusceptibility , See Allergy.

Hypertensive urgency , See Hypertension.

Hyperthyroid (recurrent) , See Hyperthyroidism.

Hyphema ICD 10 Code is H21.0.

Hypodontia , See Anodontia.

Hypogenitalism (congenital) , See Hypogonadism.

Hypoleukocytosis , See Agranulocytosis.

Hypomenorrhea , See Oligomenorrhea.

Hypopharyngitis , See Laryngopharyngitis.

Hypopiesis , See Hypotension.

Hypopyon (eye) (anterior chamber) , See Iridocyclitis, acute, hypopyon.

Hypospermatogenesis , See Oligospermia.

Hypostasis pulmonary, passive , See Edema, lung.

Hypostatic , See condition.

Hypotrichosis , See Alopecia.

Hypovitaminosis , See Deficiency, vitamin.