ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter R

Rabbit fever , See Tularemia.

Rabies ICD 10 Code is A82.9.

Rachischisis , See Spina bifida.

Radial nerve , See condition.

Radiculitis (pressure) (vertebrogenic) , See Radiculopathy.

Radiodermal burns (acute, chronic, or occupational) , See Burn.

Rage, meaning rabies , See Rabies.

Raised , See also Elevated

Rales ICD 10 Code is R09.89.

Ranula ICD 10 Code is K11.6.

Rasmussen aneurysm , See Tuberculosis, pulmonary.

Reactive airway disease , See Asthma.

Reactive depression , See Reaction, depressive.

Recalcitrant patient , See Noncompliance.

Recanalization, thrombus , See Thrombosis.

Reclus' disease (cystic) , See Mastopathy, cystic.

Rectosigmoid junction , See condition.

Rectourethral , See condition.

Rectovaginal , See condition.

Rectovesical , See condition.

Rectum, rectal , See condition.

Reduplication , See Duplication.

Reflex ICD 10 Code is R29.2.

Reflux ICD 10 Code is K21.9.

Refractive error , See Disorder, refraction.

Regional , See condition.

Renal , See condition.

Retching , See Vomiting.

Reticulation, dust , See Pneumoconiosis.

Retrobulbar , See condition.

Retrocecal , See condition.

Retrocession , See Retroversion.

Retrodisplacement , See Retroversion.

Retroflection, retroflexion , See Retroversion.

Retroperineal , See condition.

Retroperitoneal , See condition.

Retropharyngeal , See condition.

Retroplacental , See condition.

Retroposition , See Retroversion.

Rhabdosarcoma , See Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Rhesus incompatibility (factor) , See Rh, incompatibility.

Rhinoantritis (chronic) , See Sinusitis, maxillary.

Rhinodacryolith , See Dacryolith.

Rhinosalpingitis , See Salpingitis, eustachian.

Rib , See also condition

Riggs' disease , See Periodontitis.

Rigors ICD 10 Code is R68.89.

Roetheln , See Rubella.

Roof, mouth , See condition.

Rosacea ICD 10 Code is L71.9.

Roseola ICD 10 Code is B09.

Rostan's asthma (cardiac) , See Failure, ventricular, left.

Rotes Quérol disease or syndrome , See Hyperostosis, ankylosing.

Roth disease or syndrome (-Bernhardt) , See Meralgia paraesthetica.

Ruled out condition , See Observation, suspected.