ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter N

Naga sore , See Ulcer, skin.

Nail , See also condition

Nanism, nanosomia , See Dwarfism.

Narcotism , See Dependence.

Nasal , See condition.

Nasolachrymal, nasolacrimal , See condition.

Nasopharynx, nasopharyngeal , See condition.

Navel , See condition.

Neapolitan fever , See Brucellosis.

Nearsightedness , See Myopia.

Nebula, cornea , See Opacity, cornea.

Neck , See condition.

Necrospermia , See Infertility, male.

Neisserian infection NEC , See Gonococcus.

Neonatorum , See condition.

Nephrolithiasis (congenital) (pelvis) (recurrent) , See also Calculus, kidney

Nephroma ICD 10 Code is C64.

Nephronephritis , See Nephrosis.

Nephropyosis , See Abscess, kidney.

Nerve , See also condition

Nerves ICD 10 Code is R45.0.

Nervous ICD 10 Code is R45.0.

Nettleship's syndrome , See Urticaria pigmentosa.

Neurapraxia , See Injury, nerve.

Neurochorioretinitis , See Chorioretinitis.

Neurolabyrinthitis (of Dix and Hallpike) , See Neuronitis, vestibular.

Neuromyalgia , See Neuralgia.

Neuronevus , See Nevus.

Neuroparalytic , See condition.

Neuroretinitis , See Chorioretinitis.

Neurosclerosis , See Disorder, nerve.

Neurothekeoma , See Neoplasm, nerve, benign.

Neurotic , See Neurosis.

Neurotoxemia , See Toxemia.

Nevocarcinoma , See Melanoma.

Nevus ICD 10 Code is D22.9.

Nicotine , See Tobacco.

Nipple , See condition.

Nitritoid crisis or reaction , See Crisis, nitritoid.

Njovera ICD 10 Code is A65.

Nocturnal , See condition.

Node (s) , See also Nodule

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma NEC , See Lymphoma, non-Hodgkin.

Nonrotation , See Malrotation.

Nonsecretion, urine , See Anuria.

Nose, nasal , See condition.

Nucleus pulposus , See condition.

Nuns' knee , See Bursitis, prepatellar.

Nyctalopia (night blindness) , See Blindness, night.