ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter B

Baastrup's disease , See Kissing spine.

Bacillary , See condition.

Back , See condition.

Backflow , See Reflux.

Bactericholia , See Cholecystitis, acute.

Baker's cyst , See Cyst, Baker's.

Balanorrhagia , See Balanitis.

Barcoo disease or rot , See Ulcer, skin.

Baron Münchausen syndrome , See Disorder, factitious.

Basal , See condition.

Baseball finger , See Dislocation, finger.

Basedow's disease (exophthalmic goiter) , See Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter.

Basic , See condition.

Basilar , See condition.

Basopenia , See Agranulocytosis.

Bat ear ICD 10 Code is Q17.5.

Battered , See Maltreatment.

Beach ear , See Swimmer's, ear.

Bechterev's syndrome , See Spondylitis, ankylosing.

Bedwetting , See Enuresis.

Bee sting (with allergic or anaphylactic shock) , See Toxicity, venom, arthropod, bee.

Begbie's disease (exophthalmic goiter) , See Hyperthyroidism, with, goiter.

Behr's disease , See Degeneration, macula.

Bejel ICD 10 Code is A65.

Bekhterev's syndrome , See Spondylitis, ankylosing.

Belching , See Eructation.

Bends ICD 10 Code is T70.3.

Benign , See also condition

Benson's disease , See Deposit, crystalline.

Berger's disease , See Nephropathy, IgA.

Bernheim's syndrome , See Failure, heart, right.

Besnier-Boeck disease (-Schaumann) , See Sarcoidosis.

Bezoar ICD 10 Code is T18.9.

Bezold's abscess , See Mastoiditis, acute.

Bilateral , See condition.

Biliary , See condition.

Blackout ICD 10 Code is R55.

Bladder , See condition.

Bleeder (familial) (hereditary) , See Hemophilia.

Blennorrhagia, blennorrhagic , See Gonorrhea.

Blepharelosis , See Entropion.

Blind , See also Blindness

Blockage , See Obstruction.

Bloodgood's disease , See Mastopathy, cystic.

Blueness , See Cyanosis.

BMI , See Body, mass index.

Bold hives , See Urticaria.

Bombé, iris , See Membrane, pupillary.

Bone , See condition.

Bonnier's syndrome

Bony block of joint , See Ankylosis.

Bouba , See Yaws.

Boutonniere deformity (finger) , See Deformity, finger, boutonniere.

Bovine heart , See Hypertrophy, cardiac.

Bowel , See condition.

Brachial , See condition.

Brailsford's disease or osteochondrosis , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, radius.

Brain , See also condition

Braxton Hicks contractions , See False, labor.

BRBPR ICD 10 Code is K62.5.

Breast , See also condition

Breda's disease , See Yaws.

Brion-Kayser disease , See Fever, parathyroid.

Broad , See also condition

Bronchi, bronchial , See condition.

Bronchiolectasis , See Bronchiectasis.

Bronchopleuropneumonia , See Pneumonia, broncho.

Bronchopneumonia , See Pneumonia, broncho.

Bronchopneumonitis , See Pneumonia, broncho.

Bronchopulmonary , See condition.

Bronchopulmonitis , See Pneumonia, broncho.

Bronchorrhagia (see Hemoptysis)

Bronchus , See condition.

Bruck's disease , See Deformity, limb.

Brush burn , See Abrasion, by site.

Bubo ICD 10 Code is I88.8.

Bubonocele , See Hernia, inguinal.

Buccal , See condition.

Bucket-handle fracture or tear (semilunar cartilage) , See Tear, meniscus.

Bulbar , See condition.

Bunion ICD 10 Code is M21.61.

Burns' disease or osteochondrosis , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, ulna.

Bursa , See condition.

Busse-Buschke disease , See Cryptococcosis by site.

Buttock , See condition.

Buttonhole deformity (finger) , See Deformity, finger, boutonniere.