ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter P

Pachymeningitis (adhesive) (basal) (brain) (cervical) (chronic)(circumscribed) (external) (fibrous) (hemorrhagic) (hypertrophic) (internal) (purulent) , See Meningitis.

Pacinian tumor , See Neoplasm, skin, benign.

Pain (s) ICD 10 Code is R52.

Painful , See also Pain

Painter's colic

Palate , See condition.

Palatoschisis , See Cleft, palate.

Pallor ICD 10 Code is R23.1.

Palmar , See also condition

Palsy ICD 10 Code is G83.9.

Paludism , See Malaria.

Pancreas, pancreatic , See condition.

Parametrium, parametric , See condition.

Paramnesia , See Amnesia.

Parangi , See Yaws.

Paraparesis , See Paraplegia.

Parathyroid gland , See condition.

Paratyphilitis , See Appendicitis.

Paratyphoid (fever) , See Fever, paratyphoid.

Paratyphus , See Fever, paratyphoid.

Paravaginitis , See Vaginitis.

Paretic , See condition.

Parkinson's disease, syndrome or tremor , See Parkinsonism.

Parodontitis , See Periodontitis.

Parotid gland , See condition.

Pars planitis , See Cyclitis.

Parturition , See Delivery.

Parulis ICD 10 Code is K04.7.

Pasteurellosis , See Infection, Pasteurella.

Patau's syndrome , See Trisomy, 13.

Patellar , See condition.

Pectoral , See condition.

Pediculus (infestation) , See Pediculosis.

Pelade , See Alopecia, areata.

Pellegrini disease or syndrome (-Stieda) , See Bursitis, tibial collateral.

Pelvic , See also condition

Pelviolithiasis , See Calculus, kidney.

Pelvis , See condition or type.

Penis , See condition.

Peregrinating patient , See Disorder, factitious.

Periappendicitis (acute) , See Appendicitis.

Periarthrosis (angioneural) , See Enthesopathy.

Pericapsulitis, adhesive (shoulder) , See Capsulitis, adhesive.

Pericardium, pericardial , See condition.

Pericellulitis , See Cellulitis.

Pericoronitis , See Periodontitis.

Periendocarditis , See Endocarditis.

Perilabyrinthitis (acute)

Perimeningitis , See Meningitis.

Perimetritis , See Endometritis.

Perimetrosalpingitis , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Perinephric, perinephritic , See condition.

Perineum, perineal , See condition.

Perineuritis NEC , See Neuralgia.

Periodic , See condition.

Perioophoritis , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Periosteum, periosteal , See condition.

Periphlebitis , See Phlebitis.

Periprostatitis , See Prostatitis.

Perirectal , See condition.

Perirenal , See condition.

Perisalpingitis , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Peritendinitis , See Enthesopathy.

Peritoneum, peritoneal , See condition.

Peritonsillar , See condition.

Periurethral , See condition.

Periurethritis (gangrenous) , See Urethritis.

Periuterine , See condition.

Perivaginitis , See Vaginitis.

Perivesiculitis (seminal) , See Vesiculitis.

Pernicious , See condition.

Pest, pestis , See Plague.

Pfeiffer's disease , See Mononucleosis, infectious.

Phagedenic , See condition.

Pharynx, pharyngeal , See condition.

Pheohyphomycosis , See Chromomycosis.

Pheomycosis , See Chromomycosis.

Phlegmon , See Abscess.

Phlegmonous , See condition.

Phocas' disease , See Mastopathy, cystic.

Phoria ICD 10 Code is H50.50.

Photophthalmia , See Photokeratitis.

Photoretinitis , See Retinopathy, solar.

Phrenitis , See Encephalitis.

Phthirus infestation , See Phthiriasis.

Phycomycosis , See Zygomycosis.

Pian , See Yaws.

Pianoma ICD 10 Code is A66.1.

Pica ICD 10 Code is F50.89.

Pig-bel ICD 10 Code is A05.2.

Piles ICD 10 Code is K64.9.

Pill roller hand (intrinsic) , See Parkinsonism.

Pilonidal , See condition.

Pimple ICD 10 Code is R23.8.

PIMS ICD 10 Code is M35.81.

Pinched nerve , See Neuropathy, entrapment.

Pineal body or gland , See condition.

Pinta ICD 10 Code is A67.9.

Pintids ICD 10 Code is A67.1.

Pistol wound , See Gunshot wound.

Pitted , See Pitting.

Pitting ICD 10 Code is R60.9.

Pituitary gland , See condition.

Plague ICD 10 Code is A20.9.

Pleura, pleural , See condition.

Pleuritis sicca , See Pleurisy.

Pleurobronchopneumonia , See Pneumonia, broncho-.


Pneumathemia , See Air, embolism.

Pneumococcus, pneumococcal , See condition.

Pneumohydropericardium , See Pericarditis.

Pneumohydrothorax , See Hydrothorax.

Pneumonic , See condition.

Pneumonoconiosis , See Pneumoconiosis.

Podagra ICD 10 Code is M10.9.

Poliomeningoencephalitis , See Meningoencephalitis.

Polyarthralgia , See Pain, joint.

Polypoid , See condition.

Polyradiculitis , See Polyneuropathy.

Pond fracture , See Fracture, skull.

Ponos ICD 10 Code is B55.0.

Pons, pontine , See condition.

Poroma, eccrine , See Neoplasm, skin, benign.

Porphyrinuria , See Porphyria.

Porphyruria , See Porphyria.

Portal , See condition.

Postcricoid region , See condition.

Posterior , See condition.

Posterolateral sclerosis (spinal cord) , See Degeneration, combined.

Postexanthematous , See condition.

Postfebrile , See condition.

Posthemiplegic chorea , See Monoplegia.

Postimmunization complication or reaction , See Complications, vaccination.

Postinfectious , See condition.

Postnatal , See condition.

Postpartum , See Puerperal.

Postphlebitic syndrome , See Syndrome, postthrombotic.

Postvaccinal reaction or complication , See Complications, vaccination.

Pre-kwashiorkor , See Malnutrition, severe.

Prepartum , See condition.

Prepuce , See condition.

Primary , See condition.

Prizefighter ear , See Cauliflower ear.

Progonoma (melanotic) , See Neoplasm, benign, by site.

Progressive , See condition.

Proliferative , See condition.

Prostate, prostatic , See condition.

Prostatism , See Hyperplasia, prostate.

Protection (against) (from) , See Prophylactic.

Pseudoaneurysm , See Aneurysm.

Pseudoangina (pectoris) , See Angina.

Pseudoarthrosis , See Pseudarthrosis.

Pseudoexfoliation, capsule (lens) , See Cataract, specified NEC.

Pseudomembranous , See condition.

Pseudoptosis (eyelid) , See Blepharochalasis.

Pseudotetanus , See Convulsions.

Psychosomatic , See Disorder, psychosomatic.

Ptilosis (eyelid) , See Madarosis.

Ptomaine (poisoning) , See Poisoning, food.

PTP ICD 10 Code is D69.51.

Pudenda, pudendum , See condition.

Puerperium , See Puerperal.

Pulmonary , See condition.

Punctum lacrimale occlusion , See Obstruction, lacrimal.

Purpura ICD 10 Code is D69.2.

Purulent , See condition.

Putnam disease or syndrome (-Dana) , See Degeneration, combined.

Pyelectasis , See Hydronephrosis.

Pyelocystitis , See Pyelonephritis.

Pyknoepilepsy (idiopathic) , See Pyknolepsy.

Pylorus, pyloric , See condition.

Pyo-oophoritis , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Pyo-ovarium , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Pyocolpos , See Vaginitis.

Pyogenic , See condition.

Pyometra, pyometrium, pyometritis , See Endometritis.

Pyomyositis (tropical) , See Myositis, infective.

Pyophlebitis , See Phlebitis.

Pyosalpinx, pyosalpingitis , See also Salpingo-oophoritis

Pyrosis ICD 10 Code is R12.