ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter S

Sac lacrimal , See condition.

Saccular , See condition.

Sacroiliac joint , See condition.

Sacrum , See condition.

Saemisch's ulcer (cornea) , See Ulcer, cornea, central.

Salivary duct or gland , See condition.

Salmonella , See Infection, Salmonella.

Salpingo-ovaritis , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Salpingoperitonitis , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Salzmann's nodular dystrophy , See Degeneration, cornea, nodular.

Sarcoepiplocele , See Hernia.

SARS-CoV-2 , See COVID-19.

Saturnine , See condition.

Sauriasis , See Ichthyosis.

Scabs ICD 10 Code is R23.4.

Scald , See Burn.

Scales ICD 10 Code is R23.4.

Scalp , See condition.

Scheuermann's disease or osteochondrosis , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, spine.

Schimmelbusch's disease, cystic mastitis, or hyperplasia , See Mastopathy, cystic.

Schistosoma infestation , See Infestation, Schistosoma.

Schultz's disease or syndrome , See Agranulocytosis.

Sciatic , See condition.

Sclera , See condition.

Scleriasis , See Scleroderma.

Scleroconjunctivitis , See Scleritis.

Scratch , See Abrasion.

Scrofulous , See condition.

Scrotum , See condition.

Seclusion, pupil , See Membrane, pupillary.

Senectus ICD 10 Code is R54.

Septate , See Septum.

Seroma , See also Hematoma

Seropurulent , See condition.

Serous , See condition.

Sever's disease or osteochondrosis , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, tarsus.

Sextuplet pregnancy , See Pregnancy, sextuplet.

Sexuality, pathologic , See Deviation, sexual.

Shaking palsy or paralysis , See Parkinsonism.

Sheath (tendon) , See condition.

Shigella (dysentery) , See Dysentery, bacillary.

Shingles , See Herpes, zoster.

Shock ICD 10 Code is R57.9.

Shortsightedness , See Myopia.

Shoulder , See condition.

Shower, thromboembolic , See Embolism.

Sialadenitis, sialadenosis (any gland) (chronic) (periodic) (suppurative) , See Sialoadenitis.

Sialitis, silitis (any gland) (chronic) (suppurative) , See Sialoadenitis.

Sialoangitis , See Sialoadenitis.

Sialodochitis (fibrinosa) , See Sialoadenitis.

Sick ICD 10 Code is R69.

Simple, simplex , See condition.

Sinding-Larsen disease or osteochondrosis , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, patella.

Sinus , See also Fistula

Siti ICD 10 Code is A65.

Sjögren's syndrome or disease , See Sicca syndrome.

Skeletal , See condition.

Skene's gland , See condition.

Skenitis , See Urethritis.

Skerljevo ICD 10 Code is A65.

Skin , See also condition

Sleeping sickness , See Sickness, sleeping.

Small-and-light-for-dates , See Small for dates.

Smallpox ICD 10 Code is B03.

Snow blindness , See Photokeratitis.

Sodoku ICD 10 Code is A25.0.

Soemmerring's ring , See Cataract, secondary.

Soft , See also condition

Somatization reaction, somatic reaction , See Disorder, somatoform.

Soor ICD 10 Code is B37.0.

Spasmodic , See condition.

Spasmophilia , See Tetany.

Specific, specified , See condition.

Spermatic cord , See condition.

Sphacelus , See Gangrene.

Sphenoidal , See condition.

Sphenoiditis (chronic) , See Sinusitis, sphenoidal.

Sphincter , See condition.

Sphincteritis, sphincter of Oddi , See Cholangitis.

Spine, spinal , See condition.

Spiradenoma (eccrine) , See Neoplasm, skin, benign.

Spirochetal , See condition.

Spitting blood , See Hemoptysis.

Spleen, splenic , See condition.

Splenectasis , See Splenomegaly.

Spondylarthrosis , See Spondylosis.

Sporadic , See condition.

Sporothrix schenckii infection , See Sporotrichosis.

Squint , See also Strabismus

Stab , See also Laceration

Staghorn calculus , See Calculus, kidney.

Stähli's line (cornea) (pigment) , See Pigmentation, cornea, anterior.

Stanton's disease , See Melioidosis.

Stargardt's disease , See Dystrophy, retina.

Steam burn , See Burn.

STEMI ICD 10 Code is I21.3.

Sterility , See Infertility.

Sternalgia , See Angina.

Stiff neck , See Torticollis.

Still-Felty syndrome , See Felty's syndrome.

Stomach , See condition.

Storm, thyroid , See Thyrotoxicosis.

Stress ICD 10 Code is F43.9.

Stretching, nerve , See Injury, nerve.

Stridor ICD 10 Code is R06.1.

Stridulous , See condition.

Struck by lightning , See Lightning.

Struma , See also Goiter

Strümpell-Marie spine , See Spondylitis, ankylosing.

Stump , See Amputation.

Sty, stye (external) (internal) (meibomian) (zeisian) , See Hordeolum.

Subacute , See condition.

Subarachnoid , See condition.

Subcortical , See condition.

Subcutaneous, subcuticular , See condition.

Subdural , See condition.

Subendocardium , See condition.

Subglossitis , See Glossitis.

Sublingual , See condition.

Sublinguitis , See Sialoadenitis.

Submaxillary , See condition.

Submucous , See condition.

Subphrenic , See condition.

Subscapular nerve , See condition.

Subtentorial , See condition.

Sudeck's atrophy, disease, or syndrome , See Algoneurodystrophy.

Suffocation , See Asphyxia, traumatic.

Suipestifer infection , See Infection, salmonella.

Summer , See condition.

Sunburn ICD 10 Code is L55.9.

Superfecundation , See Pregnancy, multiple.

Superfetation , See Pregnancy, multiple.

Suprarenal (gland) , See condition.

Suprascapular nerve , See condition.

Suprasellar , See condition.

Swan-neck deformity (finger) , See Deformity, finger, swan-neck.

Swollen , See Swelling.

Sycosis ICD 10 Code is L73.8.

Sydenham's chorea , See Chorea, Sydenham's.

Sympathetic , See condition.

Sympathogonioma , See Sympathicoblastoma.

Sympus ICD 10 Code is Q74.2.

Syringomyelitis , See Encephalitis.

Syringomyelocele , See Spina bifida.