ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter C

Cachexia ICD 10 Code is R64.

Calcaneal spur , See Spur, bone, calcaneal.

Calcareous , See condition.

Calcified , See Calcification.

Calculi , See Calculus.

Calculosis, intrahepatic , See Calculus, bile duct.

Calvé-Perthes disease , See Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease.

Calvities , See Alopecia, androgenic.

Cameroon fever , See Malaria.

Canal , See also condition

Candidosis , See Candidiasis.

Capillary , See condition.

Caplan's syndrome , See Rheumatoid, lung.

Capsule , See condition.

Carate , See Pinta.

Carbunculus , See Carbuncle.

Carcinoid (tumor) , See Tumor, carcinoid.

Cardia, cardial , See condition.

Cardialgia , See Pain, precordial.

Cardiectasis , See Hypertrophy, cardiac.

Cardionephropathy , See Hypertension, cardiorenal.

Cardiopericarditis , See Pericarditis.

Cardiorenal , See condition.

Cardiorrhexis , See Infarct, myocardium.

Cardiosis , See Disease, heart.

Cardiostenosis , See Disease, heart.

Cardiovascular , See condition.

Carious teeth , See Caries, dental.

Carpal tunnel syndrome , See Syndrome, carpal tunnel.

Carpopedal spasm , See Tetany.

Cartilage , See condition.

Cataplexy (idiopathic) , See - Narcolepsy.

Cauda equina , See condition.

Caustic burn , See Corrosion, by site.

Cavernous , See condition.

Cavities, dental , See Caries, dental.

Cecitis ICD 10 Code is K52.9.

Cecum , See condition.

Cementoblastoma, benign , See Cyst, calcifying odontogenic.

Cementoperiostitis , See Periodontitis.

Cephalic , See condition.

Cephalitis , See Encephalitis.

Cephalocele , See Encephalocele.

Cephalopelvic , See condition.

Cerclage in pregnancy (with cervical incompetence) , See Incompetence, cervix, in pregnancy.

Cerebellitis , See Encephalitis.

Cerebellum, cerebellar , See condition.

Cerebral , See condition.

Cerebritis , See Encephalitis.

Cerebrospinal , See condition.

Cerebrum , See condition.

Cervix , See condition.

Chafing ICD 10 Code is L30.4.

Chandler's disease (osteochondritis dissecans, hip) , See Osteochondritis, dissecans, hip.

Charlouis' disease , See Yaws.

Check-up , See Examination.

Cheek , See condition.

Cheiloschisis , See Cleft, lip.

Cheloid , See Keloid.

Chemical burn , See Corrosion, by site.

Chemosis, conjunctiva , See Edema, conjunctiva.

Chest , See condition.

Chickenpox , See Varicella.

Childbirth , See Delivery.

Chin , See condition.

Chlamydiosis , See Chlamydia.

Cholecystolithiasis , See Calculus, gallbladder.

Choledocholith , See Calculus, bile duct.

Cholerine , See Cholera.

Cholesterin in vitreous , See Deposit, crystalline.

Chondro-osteoma , See Neoplasm, bone, benign.

Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis or anthelicis , See Perichondritis, ear.

Chorioepithelioma , See Choriocarcinoma.

Chorionepithelioma , See Choriocarcinoma.

Choroid , See condition.

Choroiditis , See Chorioretinitis.

Choroidopathy , See Disorder, choroid.

Choroidoretinitis , See Chorioretinitis.

Choroidoretinopathy, central serous , See Chorioretinopathy, central serous.

Chromoblastomycosis , See Chromomycosis.

Chylous , See condition.

Cicatricial (deformity) , See Cicatrix.

Circle of Willis , See condition.

Circular , See condition.

Circulatory system , See condition.

Circulus senilis (cornea) , See Degeneration, cornea, senile.

Circumscribed , See condition.

Clap , See Gonorrhea.

Clay eating , See Pica.

Clitoris , See condition.

Clonus ICD 10 Code is R25.8.

Coats' disease (exudative retinopathy) , See Retinopathy, exudative.

Cocainism , See Disorder, cocaine use.

Coccidioidosis , See Coccidioidomycosis.

Coccyx , See condition.

Cold ICD 10 Code is J00.

Colicystitis , See Cystitis.

Collapse ICD 10 Code is R55.

Coloenteritis , See Enteritis.

Colon , See condition.

Color blindness , See Deficiency, color vision.

Colpitis (acute) , See Vaginitis.

Colpocystitis , See Vaginitis.

Column, spinal, vertebral , See condition.

Coma ICD 10 Code is R40.20.

Comatose , See Coma.

Combined , See condition.

Comedomastitis , See Ectasia, mammary duct.

Comminuted fracture - code as Fracture, closed

Complete , See condition.

Condition , See Disease.

Conditions arising in the perinatal period , See Newborn, affected by.

Conduct disorder , See Disorder, conduct.

Confluent , See condition.

Congestive , See Congestion.

Conjunctiva , See condition.

Connective tissue , See condition.

Consecutive , See condition.

Consolidation lung (base) , See Pneumonia, lobar.

Constrictive , See condition.

Consumption , See Tuberculosis.

Contamination, food , See Intoxication, foodborne.

Convulsive , See also Convulsions

Cord , See also condition

Cornea , See also condition

Coronary (artery) , See condition.

Corpulence , See Obesity.

Corpus , See condition.

Corrosive burn , See Corrosion.

Corsican fever , See Malaria.

Cortical , See condition.

Cortico-adrenal , See condition.

Costiveness , See Constipation.

Cot death ICD 10 Code is R99.

Cotungo's disease , See Sciatica.

Cowper's gland , See condition.

Cowperitis , See Urethritis.

Coxitis , See Monoarthritis, hip.

Cranial , See condition.

Craniopharyngeal , See condition.

Cranium , See condition.

Craw-craw , See Onchocerciasis.

Crohn's disease , See Enteritis, regional.

Cruelty in children , See also Disorder, conduct

Crural ulcer , See Ulcer, lower limb.

Crusts ICD 10 Code is R23.4.

Crutch paralysis , See Injury, brachial plexus.

Curling's ulcer , See Ulcer, peptic, acute.

Curse, Ondine's , See Apnea, sleep.

Cusp, Carabelli - omit code

Cutis , See also condition

Cyphosis , See Kyphosis.

Cyprus fever , See Brucellosis.

Cystic , See also condition

Cysticercus cellulose infestation , See Cysticercosis.

Cystopyelitis , See Pyelonephritis.

Cystourethritis , See Urethritis.

Czerny's disease (periodic hydrarthrosis of the knee) , See Effusion, joint, knee.