ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter O

Obesity ICD 10 Code is E66.9.

Oblique , See condition.

Obstetric embolism, septic , See Embolism, obstetric, septic.

Obstipation , See Constipation.

Obturator , See condition.

Occlusio pupillae , See Membrane, pupillary.

Ochlophobia , See Agoraphobia.

Ocular muscle , See condition.

Odontoma (ameloblastic) (complex) (compound) (fibroameloblastic) , See Cyst, calcifying odontogenic.

Oestriasis , See Myiasis.

Ohara's disease , See Tularemia.

Oidiomycosis , See Candidiasis.

Oidium albicans infection , See Candidiasis.

Olfactory , See condition.

Oligemia , See Anemia.

Oligodontia , See Anodontia.

Oligotrichia , See Alopecia.

Oliguria ICD 10 Code is R34.

Omentitis , See Peritonitis.

Omentum, omental , See condition.

Ondine's curse , See Apnea, sleep.

Operative , See condition.

Operculitis , See Periodontitis.

Operculum , See Break, retina.

Ophthalmitis , See Ophthalmia.

Oppenheim-Urbach disease (necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) , See E08-E13 with .620.

Optic nerve , See condition.

Orbit , See condition.

Orifice , See condition.

Os, uterus , See condition.

Osseous , See condition.

Osteochondroarthrosis deformans endemica , See Disease, Kaschin-Beck.

Osteochondroma , See Neoplasm, bone, benign.

Osteochondromyxosarcoma , See Neoplasm, bone, malignant.

Osteochondrosarcoma , See Neoplasm, bone, malignant.

Osteofibroma , See Neoplasm, bone, benign.

Osteofibrosarcoma , See Neoplasm, bone, malignant.

Osteogenic , See condition.

Osteosarcoma (any form) , See Neoplasm, bone, malignant.


Otolith syndrome

Otoporosis , See Otosclerosis.

Otospongiosis , See Otosclerosis.

Outlet , See condition.

Ovalocytosis (congenital) (hereditary) , See Elliptocytosis.

Ovarian , See Condition.

Ovaritis (cystic) , See Oophoritis.

Overbreathing , See Hyperventilation.

Overdevelopment , See Hypertrophy.

Overdistension , See Distension.

Overgrowth, bone , See Hypertrophy, bone.

Overheated (places) (effects) , See Heat.

Overnutrition , See Hyperalimentation.

Oviduct , See condition.

Ovum , See condition.

Ox heart , See Hypertrophy, cardiac.

Ozena ICD 10 Code is J31.0.