ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter F

False , See also condition

Farcy ICD 10 Code is A24.0.

Farsightedness , See Hypermetropia.

Fascia , See condition.

Fatness , See Obesity.

Fatty , See also condition

Fauces , See condition.

Fauchard's disease (periodontitis) , See Periodontitis.

Favus , See Dermatophytosis.

Fear of , See Phobia.

Feer's disease , See Poisoning, mercury.

Feet , See condition.

Femur, femoral , See condition.

Fibrinogenolysis , See Fibrinolysis.

Fibrinopurulent , See condition.

Fibrinous , See condition.

Fibro-odontoma, ameloblastic , See Cyst, calcifying odontogenic.

Fibro-osteoma , See Neoplasm, bone, benign.

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva , See Myositis, ossificans, progressiva.

Fibrolipoma , See Lipoma.

Fibropurulent , See condition.

Fibrotic , See Fibrosis.

Fibrous , See condition.

Filaria, filarial, filariasis , See Infestation, filarial.

Filatov's disease , See Mononucleosis, infectious.

File-cutter's disease , See Poisoning, lead.

Finger , See condition.

Fire, Saint Anthony's , See Erysipelas.

Fit ICD 10 Code is R56.9.

Flatus ICD 10 Code is R14.3.

Flecks, glaucomatous (subcapsular) , See Cataract, complicated.

Flexibilitas cerea , See Catalepsy.

Flexure , See Flexion.

Floater, vitreous , See Opacity, vitreous.

Floor , See condition.

Flu , See also Influenza

Fochier's abscess - code by site under Abscess

Focus, Assmann's , See Tuberculosis, pulmonary.

Follicular , See condition.

Foot , See condition.

Forearm , See condition.

Fossa , See also condition

Francis' disease , See Tularemia.

Freiberg's disease (infraction of metatarsal head or osteochondrosis) , See Osteochondrosis, juvenile, metatarsus.

Frozen ICD 10 Code is T69.9.

Fugue ICD 10 Code is R68.89.

Fulminant, fulminating , See condition.

Fundus , See condition.

Furfur ICD 10 Code is L21.0.

Furunculosis , See Furuncle.

Fused , See Fusion, fused.