ICD 10 CM Index to Diseases and Injuries - Letter A

Abandonment , See Maltreatment.

Abdominalgia , See Pain, abdominal.

Abduction contracture, hip or other joint , See Contraction, joint.

Abnormity (any organ or part) , See Anomaly.

Aborter, habitual or recurrent , See Loss (of), pregnancy, recurrent.

Abruption, placenta , See Abruptio placentae.

Abulia ICD 10 Code is R68.89.

Acapnia ICD 10 Code is E87.3.

Acarbia ICD 10 Code is E87.2.

Accidental , See condition.

Accouchement , See Delivery.

Ache (s) , See Pain.

Achillobursitis , See Tendinitis, Achilles.

Achillodynia , See Tendinitis, Achilles.

Acholia ICD 10 Code is K82.8.

Achromia, congenital , See Albinism.

Acidocytopenia , See Agranulocytosis.

Acidopenia , See Agranulocytosis.

Acne ICD 10 Code is L70.9.

Acoustic , See condition.

Acrania ICD 10 Code is Q00.0.

Acrochondrohyperplasia , See Syndrome, Marfan's.

Acrodynia , See Poisoning, mercury.

Acronyx ICD 10 Code is L60.0.

Acropachy, thyroid , See Thyrotoxicosis.

Acropathy, thyroid , See Thyrotoxicosis.

Acroscleriasis, acroscleroderma, acrosclerosis , See Sclerosis, systemic.

Acrospiroma, eccrine , See Neoplasm, skin, benign.

Acrostealgia , See Osteochondropathy.

Acrotrophodynia , See Immersion.

Actinic , See condition.

Actinomyces israelii (infection) , See Actinomycosis.

Active , See condition.

Acute , See also condition

Acystia ICD 10 Code is Q64.5.

Adamantinoblastoma , See Ameloblastoma.

Adamantoblastoma , See Ameloblastoma.

Adaption reaction , See Disorder, adjustment.

Adduction contracture, hip or other joint , See Contraction, joint.

Adenoids , See condition.

Adenosalpingitis , See Salpingitis.

Adenosis breast (sclerosing) , See Fibroadenosis, breast.

Adentia (complete) (partial) , See Absence, teeth.

Adnexitis (suppurative) , See Salpingo-oophoritis.

Adrenal (gland) , See condition.

Adrenocortical syndrome , See Cushing's, syndrome.

Advice , See Counseling.

Aeration lung imperfect, newborn , See Atelectasis.

Aerocele , See Embolism, air.

Affection , See Disease.

After-cataract , See Cataract, secondary.

Age (old) , See Senility.

Ageusia ICD 10 Code is R43.2.

Agitated , See condition.

Agranulocytopenia , See Agranulocytosis.

Ague (dumb) , See Malaria.

Agyria ICD 10 Code is Q04.3.

Ailment heart , See Disease, heart.

Alastrim ICD 10 Code is B03.

Albert's syndrome , See Tendinitis, Achilles.

Albuminous , See condition.

Aleukemic , See condition.

Alexia ICD 10 Code is R48.0.

Alienation, mental , See Psychosis.

Almeida's disease , See Paracoccidioidomycosis.

Alternating , See condition.

Alveolus, alveolar , See condition.

Alzheimer's disease or sclerosis , See Disease, Alzheimer's.

Amelia ICD 10 Code is Q73.0.

Ametropia , See Disorder, refraction.

Amimia ICD 10 Code is R48.8.

Amnesia ICD 10 Code is R41.3.

Amnion, amniotic , See condition.

Amok ICD 10 Code is F68.8.

Amusia ICD 10 Code is R48.8.

Amyelia ICD 10 Code is Q06.0.

Amygdalitis , See Tonsillitis.

Amylophagia , See Pica.

Analgesia , See Anesthesia.

Anaphylactoid shock or reaction , See Shock, anaphylactic.

Anaphylaxis , See Shock, anaphylactic.

Anectasis, pulmonary (newborn) , See Atelectasis.

Anergasia , See Psychosis, organic.

Anger ICD 10 Code is R45.4.

Angiocholecystitis , See Cholecystitis, acute.

Angiomyolipoma , See Lipoma.

Angiosclerosis , See Arteriosclerosis.

Anguillulosis , See Strongyloidiasis.

Ankle , See condition.

Ankylostoma , See Ancylostoma.

Ankylostomiasis , See Ancylostomiasis.

Ankylurethria , See Stricture, urethra.

Anomia ICD 10 Code is R48.8.

Anosmia ICD 10 Code is R43.0.

Anteflexion , See Anteversion.

Antepartum , See condition.

Anterior , See condition.

Anthrax ICD 10 Code is A22.9.

Antimonial cholera , See Poisoning, antimony.

Antitoxin complication or reaction , See Complications, vaccination.

Antrum, antral , See condition.

Anuria ICD 10 Code is R34.

Anus, anal , See condition.

Anxiety ICD 10 Code is F41.9.

Aorta, aortic , See condition.

Apathetic thyroid storm , See Thyrotoxicosis.

Apathy ICD 10 Code is R45.3.

Apepsia ICD 10 Code is K30.

Aphagia ICD 10 Code is R13.0.

Apical , See condition.

Aplasia , See also Agenesis

Arabicum elephantiasis , See Infestation, filarial.

Arachnitis , See Meningitis.

Arachnodactyly , See Syndrome, Marfan's.

Arachnoiditis (acute) (adhesive) (basal) (brain) (cerebrospinal) , See Meningitis.

Arches , See condition.

Areola , See condition.

Arm , See condition.

Arsenism , See Poisoning, arsenic.

Arterial , See condition.

Arteriofibrosis , See Arteriosclerosis.

Arteriolar sclerosis , See Arteriosclerosis.

Arteriolith , See Arteriosclerosis.

Arteriolosclerosis , See Arteriosclerosis.

Arterionephrosclerosis , See Hypertension, kidney.

Arteriovenous , See condition.

Arthrocele , See Effusion, joint.

Arthrodynia , See also Pain, joint

Arthrofibrosis, joint , See Ankylosis.

Articular , See condition.

Arytenoid , See condition.

Ascaridosis, ascaridiasis , See Ascariasis.

Ascaris (infection) (infestation) (lumbricoides) , See Ascariasis.

Ascending , See condition.

Aschoff's bodies , See Myocarditis, rheumatic.

Aseptic , See condition.

Asialia ICD 10 Code is K11.7.

Asiatic cholera , See Cholera.

Aspergilloma , See Aspergillosis.

Aspergillus (flavus) (fumigatus) (infection) (terreus) , See Aspergillosis.

Aspermatogenesis , See Azoospermia.

Aspermia (testis) , See Azoospermia.

Assault, sexual , See Maltreatment.

Asteroid hyalitis , See Deposit, crystalline.

Asystole (heart) , See Arrest, cardiac.

Atheromatosis , See Arteriosclerosis.

Athrepsia ICD 10 Code is E41.

Atopy , See History, allergy.

Atrichia, atrichosis , See Alopecia.

Auditory , See condition.

Autumn , See condition.

Axonotmesis , See Injury, nerve.