B65-B83 ICD 10 Codes interval for


ICD 10 Codes related to Helminthiases

Codes ICD 10 CM Code description
B65 Schistosomiasis [bilharziasis]
B66 Other fluke infections
B67 Echinococcosis
B68 Taeniasis
B69 Cysticercosis
B70 Diphyllobothriasis and sparganosis
B71 Other cestode infections
B72 Dracunculiasis
B73 Onchocerciasis
B74 Filariasis
B75 Trichinellosis
B76 Hookworm diseases
B77 Ascariasis
B78 Strongyloidiasis
B79 Trichuriasis
B80 Enterobiasis
B81 Other intestinal helminthiases, not elsewhere classified
B82 Unspecified intestinal parasitism
B83 Other helminthiases

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